Our Law Firm

Founded in 1991 by Bruno REBSTOCK, the Firm is essentially dedicated to criminal defence, that is to say the defence of those who, victim or defendant, are one day confronted with the violence of complex and often obscure judicial events.

Ensuring effective and efficient legal defence remains the ambition of the team of lawyers who work within our Firm.

Because Justice is a value at the heart of the social contract, it cannot be what Albert CAMUS denounced as “an excessive authority vested in men inferior to their duties" or "a power for the negation of innocence” or even, in the words of Anatole France, a tool for “the administration of force” as is all too often believed. Judicial debate must proceed from the essential principles of loyalty, contradiction, balance, and respect.

Our Firm works to cultivate this debate in defence of your rights. Whether you are a foreigner who has entered France at the end of a perilous journey, an entrepreneur blocked by unjustified procedures, a neglected victim, a defendant unfairly prosecuted or excessively condemned, or a detainee deprived of dignity, defending your rights is for us a vocation and a duty and it is also a profession and a know-how; we strive to combine technicality and humanity, to create rights within the law.

Because the law is forever evolving and because the law as it stands today will be different tomorrow, we commit ourselves to ongoing training to ensure that all the Firm's lawyers have permanent access to up-to-date and efficient documentation.