Family Law

Under the impetus of Vanessa CERDA, Partner since 2012, the Firm has developed recognised expertise in family law in its most diverse aspects, from divorce, extra-marital parental rights, children's rights, matrimonial regimes, adoption, paternity and filiation issues and name or first name changes.


Often far from being the simple acknowledgment of a loss of love, a divorce can create heavy and lasting consequences in parental relations and in terms of material possessions. It is in such painful and difficult life moments that our Firm will endeavour to advise you with rigour and humanity, in your own best interests as well as the interests of your children.

Regardless of whether the procedure is amicable or contentious, the Firm’s members will be at your side in family court or when you meet the notary.

Your children’s rights

Measures of assistance in open custody, placement, our Firm will assist you before the Juvenile Judge in charge of the protection of minor children at risk.

Adoption, filiation, marital status

Because they relate to particularly sensitive societal, personal and human issues, these questions and the resulting procedures must be managed with technicality and humanity.

Because our Firm is particularly attached to and trained in these societal and personal issues, it will guide you in the implementation of the most appropriate administrative and legal steps and procedures.

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