Liability law

REBSTOCK CERDA & ASSOCIATES will assist you in matters of civil liability, whether you are held liable or whether, as a victim, you wish to be compensated for damages.

Your liability is asserted or incurred

Because civil liability is often incurred at the end of a chain of causation, we will seek and determine each liability incurred and identify any shared liabilities.

We will also endeavour to establish any co-responsibilities and implement your guarantees.

Comprehensive and fair compensation

Because we are committed to favouring an amicable and rapid settlement of disputes, our Firm will endeavour to engage in well-argued negotiations with your opponent whether an insurance company or debtor organisation. By using recognised specialists, we will implement the necessary measures to determine your damages with the greatest accuracy (expertise, technical assessments, assessment of financial damage, etc.).

The litigation phase

Our Firm will initiate the most appropriate legal procedure and will request the technical and expert measures necessary to determine your compensation rights. We will assist you during the expertise operations, which constitute an essential step for the evaluation of damages.

Finally, the Firm will be able to precisely define your rights to compensation, for each type of damage, according to the updated scales and case law.

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